Cumbria Down's Syndrome 
Support Group

Down's Syndrome.

If you are here because you have had a new baby, CONGRATULATIONS!!

The first months of being a new parent can pass so quickly, remember to take lots of pictures and get lots of hugs.
Dr John Langdon Down First noticed similar traits in some of the people he was treating,  this is where the name Down's originated.
We now know that Down's Syndrome is due to extra chromosome 21.

New & Expecting Parents.

Information for expectant and new mums.

Thinking about Breastfeeding?

Helpful advice for feeding your new baby.

Sing a little Lullaby.

Tips on how to help with early communication skills.

Physiotherapy for Down's Syndrome Babies & Toddlers.

Informative videos from Movimento Down Brazil Via The Downs Syndrome association. Physeotherapist Alexandra wakahara shows us activities for babies and toddlers.

Disability Living Allowance.

How to claim Disability Living Allowance.
DLA is made up of two components.
The care Component.
The Mobility Component.

Guide to Filling in DLA forms.

Filling in forms can be daunting. 
The Link Below will take you to CEREBRA's helpful Guide.
Explaining what the DLA questions mean and how to answer.